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ProTec Dive Centers in Tulum & Playa del Carmen offer Instructor level training to the highest quality to a wide range of diving environments from cave diving to wreck diving to technical diving and Rebreather diving. ProTec Dive Centers in Tulum & Playa del Carmen have been training technical diving, cave diving and Rebreather diving Instructors with our in-house Instructor Trainers since 2003. Our Instructor training staff is one of the most experienced and active in the world.

dive Intructor training

Instructor training with ProTec Dive Centers is scheduled to the Instructor candidates needs with very small classes and individual customer service. We do not offer bulk or quantity training but individual specialized training that makes our Instructor candidates succeed and excel. We choose quality over quantity to make you succeed.

The dive Instructors that work at the ProTec Dive Centers are and have been trained by our own ProTec Dive Center Instructor Trainers. We do not hire or employ Instructors that have been trained some other place for quality assurance, to keep our training at the very highest level. We have published a number of good articles on our Blog with a good share coming from our Instructors. Please have a look of what they do.

dive instructor training

The ProTec Dive Centers in Tulum & Playa del Carmen Instructor Training Staff includes one in-house PSAI Instructor Trainer. This helps our students to always find the training times to fit their schedules. At ProTec Dive Centers in Tulum & Playa del Carmen we do not use outside or freelance Instructors nor Instructor Trainers. Our staff is dedicated and does work only for the ProTec Dive Centers.

Every ProTec Dive Center  Instructor Trainer does, is or has:

- Minimum of 10 years as an active scuba Instructor
- Technical and Trimix diver Instructor
- CCR Rebreather and CCR Recreather cave diver Instructor
- Technical Cave Instructor
- Sidemount Cave Instructor
- Eanx and Trimix Gas blenders and gas blending Instructor
- Have worked in different countries as dive Instrucotors
- Each have a minimum of 4000 logged dives with a minimum of 2000 cave dives

ProTec Dive Centers in Tulum & Playa del Carmen trains divers at all corners for the world. In 2005 - 2014 we have trained in Egypt, Tanzania, Croatia, Curacao, Philippines, Italy, Caribbean Mexico, Pacific Mexico, the United States, Honduras, Panama, Spain, Italy and France.

If you are serious about your future as a Sidemount, Nitrox, Technical, CCR, Cave or Trimix Instructor send us an email for detailed information and get into direct contact with our in-house PSAI Instructor Trainers. Please send us an email.